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Wolf Love

May 2007



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cold world

Your Ex-Girlfriend, She Don't Know, Anything About You

Alright, I need another moment to rant. (I apologize, because I know I never use this thing much except for ranting about relationship stuff).

Matt's Ex-Girlfriend has been viewing his profile multiple times a day (I know this because Matt told me and he has one of those Myspace trackers that ACTUALLY works -_-; (No, I can't get it for you)). Also, she emailed him the other day saying something along the lines of 
 " I think our breaking up went horridly wrong, We need to talk".

I know I shouldn't feel threatened by it but I also learned last night (from the horses mouth) that he used to live with her and shared the same room/bed. I think the main reason why this bothers me is because he used to FUCKING live with this girl as well as be intimate with her. Y'all know me, I'm what....almost 20 and have NEVER had the opportunity to live with a significant other. Also, apparently he met her down here in florida and when he took a semester off to live back in NY, she pretty much followed him there (phone-wise) and said that she missed him terribly and wanted a relationship. They were together for almost a year (which is where HE and I are now).

After he told me all this, I told him that it made me feel like shit because of the whole, Well what's stopping you from waking up one morning and realizing that I'm not the one for you. He told me that that was silly, that he loved me and that he doesn't respond to her emails.

Also, he lived with her a short time after the breakup and he said he tried to be friendly and she brushed him off. (That makes me feel a little better)

So, my question is:

Should I fear for my relationship or Should I let this slide? I am VERY tempted to myspace message her and tell her that he is very happy and I am too and she needs to BACK THE FUCK OFF. Ugh, I hate this. I thought I wouldn't have to deal with exes but here it is....


it's a tough one. You should keep an eye on it to make sure it doesn't get out of hand but right now it seems to be ok. If you feel threatened then ask him about it and tell him how you feel but if he reassures you then at least pretend that it helped you feel better otherwise he might think you don't trust him.