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Wolf Love

May 2007



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Wolf Love

Go Away, Don't Come Round Here No More

Why do I care soo much?!

I mean, I realize that not all guys give 110% to their relationships but why do I sometimes feel like he's not giving more than he has to? I mean, it feels like I'm the one always calling and making the plans, and all he can say to them is Sure. I mean, is that guy speak for "I'd love to" or is he just going along with what I want?

Maybe I'm wanting too much. Is it so bad to want a boyfriend that wants to be with me? Shit, I only see him about twice a week. I miss him, and I want to respect his "not see eachother each day" but sometimes I feel like 2 or 3 times a week isn't enough. I know, I know, I should talk to him but I hate confrontation.

He makes me the happiest girl in the world when I'm with him but when he's not around, it's like lonely.

Ugh, maybe I'm just crazy. I mean, he tells me he loves me and when he holds me in his arms, he holds my heart in the palm of his hands. I'm so afraid to get hurt so I try to bottle up the stuff that bugs me.

The only things that bug me:

He doesn't really call me all that much *but he is good at calling me back
He almost always says "Sure" to plans * but when I tell him only if he wants to, he says "of course"

I don't know, am I being crazy or am I being a concerned girlfriend.

Feedback greatly appreciated, especially from the opposite sex.



Awww, baby.....

*hugs* call me when you get the chance and we'll talk this out. I love you!
I lean to his side just because i'm kinda like that. Generally speaking if he lets you make the plans and says "sure" to whatever you say it's only because he wants you to be happy. If he didn't care then he would make the plans and not worry if you liked them. And i have to agree with the not every day thing too. I'm a firm believer that anticipation is a huge aphrodisiac (among other things). The times you aren't together make the times you are together all that more special.
I know how you feel about being the more active person in the relationship. It can become kind of disheartening. Just ask him if he is happy with your relationship, if there is anything he wants to change. As far as the verbage of 'sure', I wouldnt worry about it because it could mean 'I'd love to'. But if that bothers you just tell him not to say sure, make his answer more definative. My last gf made me do that.. well Im not sure what we are right now... but that's a different story. I'm sure it will all work out with you though da'll. ^-^