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May. 10th, 2007

Wolf Love

Call Me Irresponsible


1) I forgot to pay for classes and they tottally un-registared me. Now it's gonna cost 25 extra to re-register so I can graduate on time. Dammnit me!

2) Matt is now officially gone. I went and saw him just a bit ago and it definately didn't help any. I am completely in tears now.

WTF!?! I thought I was done with stress. :( :(

May. 1st, 2007

Wolf Love

And It's Good, And I'm Not Angry

Alright, so things with Matt are not soo bad. He and i are on speaking terms and have agreed to hang out this friday (to go see Spidey in IMAX). I mean, I'm still sad that I can no longer call him my own but I'm glad that he didn't completely cut me off.

Two more days til the end of this semester....yay!

One more week til Summer....booo!

I went to my Academic Advisor at USF today (btw, that building was damned confusing to navigate) and she told me I'm only a semester behind where I should be in terms of Pre-Med. (not shabby). I also had a lucky angel by my side. I had to park in the visitors center and had no mooolah for the parking pass (only a debit card). SO I prayed it wouldn't get ticketed and went in for my advising. I came back and just as I was pulling away, I saw security heading down the row of cars I had been parked in. (Phew!)

Other than this, life is pretty sweet.

OH and 2 days till mah 20th !!! XD

Apr. 22nd, 2007

Wolf Love

A heart too soon made glad

Well, long update for all of y'all to read.

First and Foremost, Matt and I are over. Matt decided about a month ago that he didn't want to be in a serious relationship and that he's moving back to NY. I'm hurt but healing a little each day. I guess I'm relearning to love myself which at this point is drastically needed.

Secondly, I now work at Starbucks. I love every moment of it. It's easy and geesh, I get all the coffee I want. 

Thirdly, Another semester has almost come and gone. I'm kinda glad but I'm getting nervous about starting USF. I mean, it'll be a big change. Living on my own, working full time and trying to keep with school work. Who knows? I should be fine, eh?

Well, I guess it wasn't that long but that's all I can think of.

Ciao Dahlings!

Feb. 8th, 2007

cold world

Your Ex-Girlfriend, She Don't Know, Anything About You

Alright, I need another moment to rant. (I apologize, because I know I never use this thing much except for ranting about relationship stuff).

Matt's Ex-Girlfriend has been viewing his profile multiple times a day (I know this because Matt told me and he has one of those Myspace trackers that ACTUALLY works -_-; (No, I can't get it for you)). Also, she emailed him the other day saying something along the lines of 
 " I think our breaking up went horridly wrong, We need to talk".

I know I shouldn't feel threatened by it but I also learned last night (from the horses mouth) that he used to live with her and shared the same room/bed. I think the main reason why this bothers me is because he used to FUCKING live with this girl as well as be intimate with her. Y'all know me, I'm what....almost 20 and have NEVER had the opportunity to live with a significant other. Also, apparently he met her down here in florida and when he took a semester off to live back in NY, she pretty much followed him there (phone-wise) and said that she missed him terribly and wanted a relationship. They were together for almost a year (which is where HE and I are now).

After he told me all this, I told him that it made me feel like shit because of the whole, Well what's stopping you from waking up one morning and realizing that I'm not the one for you. He told me that that was silly, that he loved me and that he doesn't respond to her emails.

Also, he lived with her a short time after the breakup and he said he tried to be friendly and she brushed him off. (That makes me feel a little better)

So, my question is:

Should I fear for my relationship or Should I let this slide? I am VERY tempted to myspace message her and tell her that he is very happy and I am too and she needs to BACK THE FUCK OFF. Ugh, I hate this. I thought I wouldn't have to deal with exes but here it is....

Jan. 23rd, 2007

Wolf Love

Go Away, Don't Come Round Here No More

Why do I care soo much?!

I mean, I realize that not all guys give 110% to their relationships but why do I sometimes feel like he's not giving more than he has to? I mean, it feels like I'm the one always calling and making the plans, and all he can say to them is Sure. I mean, is that guy speak for "I'd love to" or is he just going along with what I want?

Maybe I'm wanting too much. Is it so bad to want a boyfriend that wants to be with me? Shit, I only see him about twice a week. I miss him, and I want to respect his "not see eachother each day" but sometimes I feel like 2 or 3 times a week isn't enough. I know, I know, I should talk to him but I hate confrontation.

He makes me the happiest girl in the world when I'm with him but when he's not around, it's like lonely.

Ugh, maybe I'm just crazy. I mean, he tells me he loves me and when he holds me in his arms, he holds my heart in the palm of his hands. I'm so afraid to get hurt so I try to bottle up the stuff that bugs me.

The only things that bug me:

He doesn't really call me all that much *but he is good at calling me back
He almost always says "Sure" to plans * but when I tell him only if he wants to, he says "of course"

I don't know, am I being crazy or am I being a concerned girlfriend.

Feedback greatly appreciated, especially from the opposite sex.


Jan. 20th, 2007

Wolf Love

Quite Hilarious

I'm a generally unfuckwitted, liberal, disgustingly generous, pathetically simple-minded, dribbling child!<
how compatible you are with me!

Minus the simplemindedness and the dribbling child bit....it may just fit XD

Jan. 13th, 2007

Wolf Love

Here We Go Again

Well, let's see. On a good note, Matt and I have made it past the 10 month mark. Last night we celebrated with daquiris (strawberry) and movies, then he slept over. YAY!

On another good note, My daddy and step-mama are thinking of taking my younger sister and I to London, England (yes, there is more than one London so I specified) this summer for a week. A week feels like no time at all, but I can't wait!!!! I just have to go get myself a passport. 

On the only poor note, work still sucks but they're doing alot better about respecting the hours I wish to work. It's a mixed blessing I suppose.

Well, I'm gonna jet for now.

Ciao dahlings!!!


Dec. 14th, 2006

Wolf Love

Excuse For Feeling

Ok, so last night was a major blowing off the handle.

He and I are not broken up but we're not all peachy keen.

I've decided to just stay out of his business and just enjoy his company when I see him. I know that sounds stupid to the rest of you but I can't bear the thought of being single right now and i honestly (and deeply) love him. 

The argument got started with me asking him about work and school. Pretty much it blew into "Well, Kayla if you're having all these problems with me, then why are we together?" I have no problems with him, I'm just sad that he has no ambition in life. My only crime is caring too much.

I don't know, we'll see.


Dec. 13th, 2006


Don't Leave Me This Way




Dec. 7th, 2006

Wolf Love

One The First Day Of Christmas

Alright, so I haven't posted in a while, I guess it's about time.

First of all, I had a pretty good day. Pressies were handed out and I recieved a t-shirt, a necklace, and a little friend (LMAO!). I also went to two different malls today. It was ok, but I do have a little problem...

His name is Jose. (Who also has an older brother, who is just creepy perv, but he's gotten alot better). I've told Jose time and time again that I'm not interested in him and that even if Matt and I were to break up, I wouldn't persue a relationship with him. Yesterday, He got me a nice candle holder (glass, with an angel) and that to me is something you get a girlfriend, not a friend. I told him I couldn't except it and he got all emo on me so I waited around campus (he refused to leave) so that I could pawn it off on my friend who liked it. He didn't leave campus until I decided I wanted to go home.
Ughhh, It's partially my fault though. In the beginning of the year, my friends and I sat in a circle and played a fun game of whom we would date if we had to pick someone in the group. I picked him because I didn't know him and he seemed nice. BIG MISTAKE!
I found out later that he's known for a temper (he's Cuban/Puerto Rican). So, it just scares me. He either makes me miserable because he's hanging all over me or he's being emo (noone wants me around, maybe I should leave, wahh wahh wahh). I was trying to be nice but now I feel like telling him to get the fuck over himself and to leave my life.

Other than that, life is pretty good. Matt is still ... Matt <3 <3 <3. I love him but I need to light a fire under his butt with this kitty business (guess what he's getting for christmas...lol).

Well, later days.

<3 Kay-kay

P.S.~ Nick is coming in tonight and I'm hopefully going to see him. I CAN"T WAIT!!!!

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